Dr. David Gruder

Dr. David Gruder


Dr. Gruder is a 12-time award-winning clinical and organizational psychologist whose mission is making integrity profitable, leadership elevated, collaboration productive, happiness sustainable, and society healthy. In addition to his leadership roles, he provides keynotes, training programs and consulting.

He is the President of Integrity Culture SystemsTM, the Executive Director of the California Institute for Human Science’s Center for Integral Leadership, the M&A Psychologist for Blue Sky Business Resources, the Executive Success Psychologist for Executive Strategy & Skillset Summits, a core faculty with CEO Space International, and a Certified Elder with ManKind Project International.

He was also the founding president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. He is a trusted advisor to leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses, and co-authors books with high profile individuals wanting to embed psychological wisdom in their content. In all, he has been featured in 23 books as an author, co-author, psychology editor, writer of forewords and afterwords, chapter writer, or cited expert.

Dr. Gruder’s first love was music. Although he was expected to become a professional musician (and in fact was one for a brief time), he knew at a young age that his calling was psychology. He still enjoys both playing and listening to music as well as enjoying the great outdoors and spending time with his wife, Laurie.