Recap of September Mastermind

Building Your Business With an Exit-Minded Strategy

No matter where you are in your business lifecycle an exit-minded strategy is a great tool for achieving near and long-term goals. What this really means is stepping outside of the business and looking at it from the perspective as an investment to enhance the way you manage it as an operation. Exit-minded strategic planning is a critical practice to enhance your perspective, decision making, and resource allocation from start-up to sale.

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Recap of August Mastermind

Inflation: Hiring Staff and Wages

After a year of remote working, returning to the office carries its own crucial considerations that organizations are beginning to face.

  • How are we measuring productivity?
  • What is the impact on culture and mentorship of having reduced access to team members?
  • How do you deal with the health considerations of return to the office?
  • While some are eager to leave the distractions at home, some feel they are more productive at home in their secluded space.

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Recap of July Mastermind

Low Interest Rates and the Effect on Growth Strategy

Many business owners used the expectation of a down year in 2020 to clean up their balance sheet and taking any write downs that they had previously been holding off on. A second step in this balance sheet cleanup is often to refinance higher interest debt to capitalize on the current lower rates. And finally, an assessment of your current overall leverage position will expose the opportunities to consider debt to fund CapEx and growth init…

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Recap of June Mastermind

Has Your 3, 5, 7 Year Strategy Changed?

The pandemic brought about a number of changes to the ways in which strategies are deployed to achieve company and personal goals. 

  • Operating against a robust Proforma
  • Clarity of vision throughout the company
  • A management team comprised of effective communicators and leaders

The above items are all tactical tools that provide early warning systems and consistent feedback so you can adapt the procedural elements of your day-to-day operation in a …

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Recap of May Mastermind

The Impacts and Implication of Local Government and How to Conduct Business

Mastermind participants realize that a large part of running a successful business amid all the local and federal government policy changes and regulations is getting involved. If you are not happy with the system, get involved to change it.  Lower Middle Market (LMM) businesses account for the largest segment of the economy and represents more than 90% of all Middle Market Companies.  Collectively, LMM businesses hav…

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